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Antonia C. Novello Antonia Novello was born on August 23,1944 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. She was the first women and Latin American to become the U.S. Surgeon General. She had to go through a lot to reach that step in her career and life. Novello was diagnosed with congenital mega colon, at a very young age. The condition was very painful, in which Novello visited the hospital frequently. She was told that the only way of treatment was through surgery. It wasn’t until Novello was 18 years old did she receive the surgery, but the results were unsuccessful. She suffered for an additional two more years, at the age of 20, was she finally cured. She majored in Pediatrics but later went into Pediatrics Nephrology because her favorite aunt was diagnosed with kidney failure and Novello herself was having kidney problems (, n.d.). Through her painful childhood, Novello developed a passion in healthcare. With the aid of her schoolteacher/principal mother, Novello excelled in school. She attended John Hopkins University (, 2012). She became and intern at the University of Michigan, Department of Pediatrics from 1970-1973. Then, she became a fellow at Georgetown University, Department of Pediatric Nephrology from 1973-1976. She went into private practice for the following two years. In 1978, Novello joined the Public Health Service. From 1978-1979, she became the officer of the National Institute of Health: Institute of Arthritis, metabolism, and digestive disease project. Novello became a staff physician at the National Institute of Health in the following two years. Novello was made the executive secretary of the NIH (National Institute of Health) division of Research Grants from 1982-1986. During this time, Novello was also made a congressional fellow in the Labor and Human Resources Committee, 1982-1983. From 1986-1990, Novello

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