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Antoinette Holly Objective My primary objective is to find a job in the Reno area. I just move out here. I would like to work at a job where I can use my experience skill to teach children in a daycare/preschool setting I been working with children all ages group from birth to adult for 6yrs. I’m a very dedicated, and goal driven with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student. I am an individual with the talent to develop hands on lessons plan that will capture a child’s imagination. I have high experience of working with children with special needs and autism. I’m currently enrolled in online classes to pursuit my teaching career. Summary of 2004 -2011 [ Solano County office of Education ] [ Fairfield Ca, 94533 ] Qualifications [ Para educator-Teacher aide for special ed ] • Developed lesson plans and ,behavior plan. • Support students with disabilities and autism in a classroom environment. • Pass the NCLB(No child left behind) • Sets up activities and clean up • Lead small group stations, art, circle time and snack time • Interacted with children’s during free play and during classroom time • Engaged our children’s with special needs to play with other peers • Potty trained children • Record observation of student behavior and make reports to the special education teach. • Assist and trains students with disabilities in self care activities such as personal hygienic. • Ability to teach children’s in small group, and art • Assist teacher in supervising children in classroom activities. Education [ 2011-Present] [ Truckee Meadows Community College] [Reno,NV ] Early Childhood Education special ed • Just enrolled in fall classes

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