Antitrust Essay

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Antitrust Claims LeTissia Best BUS 670 Instructor David Fares February 20, 2012 Antitrust Claims Despite of having a lion share in the operating system, Microsoft continue to receive accusations of unfair dealings. The allegations such as monopolization of the operating system market have continued to block other providers in the market. For a long time now, Microsoft continues to dominate the personal computer operating systems used on over 80% of Intel-based PCs. It is also clear that majority of the new Intel-based PCS are pre-installed with a windows version before shipment. For this reason, the PC manufacturers barely have commercial alternatives for all the PCs they manufacture and distribute to the market. This shows the monopolistic power of Microsoft. It is eminently true that, both new and potential operating system providers continue to face a stiff barrier to entry in the market. The monopolistic power of Microsoft made through the creation of concurrent software applications which needs to be run together with the operating system for efficiency (Alan, 2001). By observing the needs of their end users, Microsoft has been able to capture the market by providing this attractive though expensive and time-consuming operating systems. And in order to fully dominate the market, Microsoft has engaged in a series of anti-competitive activities which aims at exploiting the vulnerable competitors in the market. They do this by tying other Microsoft software products to their windows operating system and blocking their competitors from promoting and distributing their products via Microsoft operating system. Microsoft move to tie its internet browser to its monopolistic operating system significantly reduces the consumer choice in the market (Elzinga & David, 1999). This forces the consumers to forcefully purchase Microsoft Internet Browser. By so

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