Antisocial Criminal Behavior

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Antisocial Disorder and Criminal Behavior Charlena Penn CRJ 308 Tracy Mallett June 3, 2013 Antisocial Disorder and Criminal Behavior This paper will describe the anxious or fearful antisocial personality disorder, and how it develops into criminal behaviors. Furthermore, the diagnostic characteristics of causes and how early warning signs, assessment methods, treatments used to manage antisocial personality disorder, and answer the question whether or not treatment is possible before criminal tendencies develop. According to Criminal Psychology (2013), written by Matt Delisi, antisocial personality disorder is a “pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights for others” (Delisi,…show more content…
In an article titled The Epidemiology of Anti-social Personality Disorder (1999), written by P. Moran, whom explains that “Anti-social Personality Disorders are common, and are 2-3% in communities, but 60% among male prisoners,” (Moran, 1999). The chronic condition has many medical and social problems which would include substance abuse, hurting oneself deliberately and committing crime, while, the genetic and environment factors are implicated in a sitology in this disorder (Moran,…show more content…
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