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Kaitlyn Garbs Mr. Stanley Miller Research Paper 1 26 October 2014 Anti-Social Networking Social networking was made to connect people, but it has evolved into making people anti-social. The thing that may have been introduced as a way to connect, has now made many people not able to have a real conversation face-to-face. For instance they are only able to converse with people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. During a conversation with somebody, they tend to look at their phone or other technological device multiple times. Some do not even realize they are doing it. Others consume themselves with their device, and completely ignore the “outside” world. They are truly never paying attention. Why has social media made people only want to be in the little world that is the internet? Children and teens that are users of technology and social networking these days are unable to start a conversation. Many feel that they are under a lot of pressure because they do not want to say the wrong thing. Comments on the subject at say they feel that teens have become very self-involved. They do not know how to talk to people face-to-face, they only know what is right in front of them (their smartphones). Unfortunately that means they are hardly gaining any new real friendships, they may meet someone on the internet and call them a “friend” but chances are they will never actually meet this so called “friend”. That being the case, it will eventually mean that the only people that most teenagers talk to will be their social networking friends. Considering the many down falls of social networking, one of the biggest would be missing the memories that are too be made. This is a strong topic for me because my boyfriend consumes himself with his smart phone versus paying attention to the world that is around him. He, like many others, always has his smart phone in

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