Antisemitism: What Is This Hatred? Essay

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Antisemitism is the hatred and prejudice against Jews. Antisemitism has been around for a long time. The origin of antisemitism is the term Semitism. The word Semitism comes from the name Semites which are people with origins from near East and Northern Africa. These people include Ethiopians, Arabians, and the Jews. But antisemitism is only considered the hatred of Jews and not the other Semites (Dolan 8). It is also considered racial prejudice but Jews do not have certain characteristics to distinguish one another. They take on the characteristics of those they marry or people of their country (10). Even though antisemitism has been around for a long time, Wilhelm Marr is credited for first using the word in 1873. Wilhelm first used it in his pamphlet, “The Victory of the Jewish Spirit over the Germanic Spirit” and wrote his book, The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism in 1879. In his book, he stated “that ‘Germanism’ was lost since the Jews were already constructing their Jerusalem on the ruins of the new Germany” (Wistrich 57). Antisemitism groups and parties like The Christian Social-Party in the 1920’s found the Jews especially in Austria a bad influenced on Austrian cultural and economic life. The Catholic Church joined with the belief of anti-Judaism. Some leaders of the Catholic Church like Bishop Hudal saw that Christian teaching and Nazi racialism cam hand in hand. The Christians have had a traditional antisemitism towards Jews (89). The purpose of the Nazi using antisemitism was for propaganda. But The Holocaust did not begin with the action of the Nazis sending Jews to ghettos and concentration camps. It started with their propaganda: imagery and ideas about the Jews (Greene). The Nazis used the antisemitic propaganda to exclude the Jews in all countries being controlled by the Nazi. Hitler’s writings and speeches revealed that antisemitism was a source

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