Antimonopoly Policy "Microsoft" vs Eu

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Consideration of a problem of an antimonopoly policy is actual at all times. One of the most high-profile cases involving the application of antimonopoly law is a business corporation “Microsoft”, which dates back to May 1998, when the U.S. Department of Justice, the government 19 states have filed lawsuits in court against «Microsoft». The company blamed the fact that it uses illegal methods to maintain its dominant position in the OS market, and uses this position to promote their products to other markets (for example, «Internet Explorer» on the market in browser). The trial lasted four years, and as a result of subsequent hearings of the case only in November 2002, was passed a final verdict, which resulted in the justice even during the five-year period were closely monitored the activities of the company. Manual Microsoft, commenting on the European Commission presented a claim, stated that in his work the corporation is trying to adhere to European Union legislation. In 2004 the antimonopoly commission of EU has accused Microsoft of intended restriction of access of consumers to the audio-visual software of other companies. On Microsoft the penalty at a rate of 497 million euro, except that has been imposed, corporation have obliged to let out on the market Windows operating system in which player Windows Media Player won't be included, and also to open operating system codes to other software developers. The corporation has executed the majority of conditions however the penalty has refused to pay. In result, in February, 2008 Microsoft has been fined on for 899 million euro - for refusal to execute the commission order. Microsoft tries to appeal against the penalty which has become record in the history of the European Union, insisting that at definition of its size the incorrect data was used (Evans, 2002, European Commission Competition, 2007, Europa,

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