Antigone's Satyricon

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More than 600 years separates Antigone from "Dinner with Trimalchio." With Antigone, we are reading some of the great literature of the Greeks in the form of a tragic play. With "Dinner with Trimalchio" we are reading a section of a longer work in the form of a vulgar episodic narrative, written in the 1st century CE (Common Era). The book Satyricon was written in the first century of the Common Era and is set in a Roman city in Italy in about 50 CE. You can see a map of this area on page 1040 of your textbook. In Greek mythology a satyr is a creature that is half-man and half-goat, noted for its sexual appetite and large genitals when depicted on the Greek stage. When we see the name of the work, Satyricon, we should immediately think

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