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Antigone's Poop Essay

  • Submitted by: stephaniexdawn
  • on January 19, 2011
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Creon’s hubris throughout the play influences not only Creon but everyone around him. His arrogance and selfishness leads to the death of Antigone. The reader is astonished when the messenger declares that “[Antigone] made a noose of her fine linen veil and hanged herself” (840). When her fiancé finds her, he pledges his love for her by plunging a sword into his chest. At the discovery of the death of her son, Eurydice confines herself to her room; only to also be found dead soon after. Within the length of one day, Creon lost everything important to him; his family. For the first time in the play we see that Creon begins to discover his mistakes.
After the death of Creons family Creon starts to realize that it was all his fault. Throughout the play Creons selfishness pushes his family away from him. As his life collapses around him he starts to blame himself for the disasters. We discover the changes when Creon admits “I alone am guilty” (841). The first step for Creon changing is when he admitted to his own mistakes. Creon realized that he alone was responsible for the death of his family. By the time Creon realizes his own mistakes, it was too late for him to prove to his family that he was a changed man.
Creons guilt from his actions takes an emotional toll on him. Due to his actions Creon hates his own life and himself. Creon longs for the opportunity to be dead with his family. It is obvious to the reader that Creon feels this way when he declares “Let death come quickly, and be kind to me” (842). Creon cannot live with himself any longer. He has finally accepted his responsibility but he cannot handle it. He feels as if death is his only way to freedom.

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