Antigone Vs Creon Essay

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Antigone VS Creon Similarities : Refuse to except and yield to anyone else's opinion Antigone: "I will not urge you.......That leaen holds in honour. (page 5) "He has no right to keep me from my own" (page 4) Creon: "Bus is afraid, and says not what he thinks, That man is worthless."(page 8) "Not to connive at those that disobey me." (page 9) Creon refuse to listen to the prophet. (page 35-36) Differences: Antigone belives in following the god wishes, while Creon follows the the rule of the city Antigone: "The sacared laws that heaven holds in honour." (page 5) "Was I so stand before the gods' tribunal for disobeying them, because I feared a man?"(page 17) Creon: "lawful authority must be obeyed in all things, great of small"(page 24) Antiogne puts her family over everything while Creon puts his city over everything. Antigone: "And if I Have to die for this pure crime, I am content, for I shall rest beside him" (page 5) "Father, and you, my mother; you, my brother. For when you died it was my hands that washed and dressed you, laid you in your graves, and poured the Last libations." (page 31) Creon: "and if any holds A friend of more account than his own city, I scorn him" (page 8) "Now, comfortably of Oedipus' two sons I have proclaimed........By dogs and birds, mangled most hideously. (Page 9) "But though she be my niece, or closer still than all our family, she shall not escape the direst penalty."(page 17) Antigone is a rebel while Creon values obedience. Antigone: Creon: "If I breed rebellion in the house, then it is certain thereill be no lack of rebels out of doors. " (Page 24) "Never will I approve of one who breaks and violates the law, or would dictate to those who rule" (page 24)

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