Antigone Tragic Hero Quotes

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Antigone the tragic hero Antigone is the tragic hero because of the tragic hero traits that are shown in the story "Antigone". Antigone portrays the traits is not completely good, nor completely bad, meets a tragic end, recognizes her own error and accepts its consequences. The first trait that makes Antigone the tragic hero in "Antigone" is not completely good, nor completely bad. A quote that shows Antigone been good is in Sc. 2 Ln 144-145 while she talks to Ismene she says "Yes save yourself I shall not envy you there are those who will praise you, I shall have honor too". This quote explains that Antigone is good to her sister Ismene becuase it shows Antigone's love to her sister even dough Ismene is not willing to help Atigone in helping her burry her brother Polyneices.…show more content…
Antigone meets a tragic ending whe Creon says in Sc 3 Ln 141-144 " I will carry her far away, Out there in the wilderness and lock her living in a vault of stone.She shall have food. As the custom is,to absolve the state ofher death." Antigone meets her tragic end in this because she will starve to death after the food that was provided is finished. Another tragic ending that Antigone meets is Sc Exodos Ln 59-60. The messenger says "She had made a noose of her fine linen veil and hanged herself." Antigone met her tagic end of the story by hanging herself and eventually diying. This could of been avoided if Creon would not have locked up Antigone in the vault. The third trait that Antigone makes Antigone the tragic hero in "Antigone" is recognizes his or her own error and accpets its consequences. Antigone shows this in Sc 4 Ln 5-7 Antigone says "Look upon me, friends and pity me Turning, back at the night's edge to say Good-bye to the sun that shines for me no longer." This quote explins how Antigone is losing the hope for justice and how she starting to accept that she is going to locked up in a
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