Antigone Is A Play Where Nobody Wins Because They

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Antigone Antigone is a play where nobody wins because they all insist on standing by their principles. Do you agree? In Antigone this is very true in the case of all the characters. I will show how this is true by showing what the characters principles are and how they show these principles have affected the characters during the play and at the end of the play, and to show how this is not true in some instances. Creon has recently become king and therefore is determined to make his mark on the state. “I claim the throne and all its power. Both city and kingdom. I claim it and hold it. From today as mine by right.” Creon also now believes that as he is now king he is infallible and believes that his own laws should come above the laws of the gods. “But I am the law” Creon`s own attitude towards his own rule seems very autocratic, his opinion that a king does not need to listen to the people and make judgements he believes are the most beneficial to the state. “ I have never based my political principles on the opinions of people in the streets” “And I will act according to my own convictions” Creon believes that his actions to deny the burial of Polynices are justified because he believes that the gods will support his actions as Polynices was a traitor and Creon sees no reason as to why the gods would honour a traitor. “No, he must be left unburied, his corpse carrion for the birds and dogs to tear, an obscenity for citizens to behold! These are my principles. Never at my hands will a traitor be honoured above the patriot.” Creon refuses to listen to any opposition that he is wrong even from his own son. When Haemon tries to talk to him he becomes insulted and sees no reason as to why he is wrong and why he should listen to Haemon a younger man and therefore a man with inferior intellect. “Now don’t, please, be quite so single minded, self

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