Antigone And Plath: Play Analysis

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When making a decision, people often conform to his or her community, rather than being unique to his or her own beliefs. When an individual speaks out, it brings a new perspective to society, and changes the way the group views the subject. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, and the short story Iniation, by Sylvia Plath, the author uses conflict and theme to demonstrate how an individual will sacrifice their social life, or physical life, by remaining truthful to his or her own ideas, or by representing that of the minority group. An individual’s ideas express the feelings of a minority group, to society, and encourage change. For change to occur, a minority figure or an individual must stand up for their own, beliefs, rather than assimilating…show more content…
Parks’ actions, and the main character in Iniation and Antigone, greatly demonstrate and support that being an individual in beliefs will raise awareness about the interval’s beliefs and change the corrupt thinking of a group. In the play, Antigone, by Sophocles, the main character, opposes the ruling of her king/uncle, Creon. When her brother Polynices, dies in battle, Creon proclaims that due to his actions, he will remain unburied outside of the town. Antigone, Polynices sister, refuses to accept this, and out of honor and bride for her brother, she discretely buries him. Creon, later, finds out about Antigone’s actions and sentences her to death. Although some people in Antigone’s town sided with Antigone, in her tactics, most were fearful of opposing Creon. In doing so, the minority’s ideas are subsided, to avoid the conflict of man vs. man between Antigone and Creon. The political conflict between Antigone and Creon, exemplify, how others are unable to stand up for their own ideas, and only through the actions of an individual, will there be change. Even though, Antigone’s actions lead to her demise, her individualistic and minority ideas changed the harsh ruling of Creon, and made him realize that he must be a more flexible ruler, in order to prosper.
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