Antigone Essay

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One of the greatest Ancient Dramatist who shaped the ground for theater hands down has to be Sophocles. As Antigone the play progresses there is many forms of tragedies that goes on. Even though Antigone had everything in her favor as the play was coming to an end to stay alive her tragic flaw eventually lead her to her death. They play has everything from sympathy, humor, and even terror. Many people believe that Antigone was the tragic hero in the play because she is the one who went through the most. Antigone in many people’s opinion is the tragic heroine of the play. What is a tragic hero? A tragic hero is a person that is living a tragedy that experiences some type of hardship because a flaw they may have. Antigone has such great potential for her life but she was the one that suffered the greatest fate which coasted her life. Antigone stands for all that’s is right and for the opposition to tyranny (Lines 1279). Antigone has many tragic flaws in this play. Many people are choosing to believe that Antigone’s tragic flaw in this play is that she decided to puts the Laws of the God’s over the Laws of the Man. She believed that her Polyneices deserved the proper soldier’s burial, like her other brother did. Creon who is the king in the play demanded that Polyneices was considered to be a trader and does not deserve to be buried with honor. Creon also stated that if anyone was to bury him, it would cost them their lives. The sentry found out that Polyneices was buried by someone and told Creon. Creon found out it was Antigone and from that moment on her journey to becoming a tragic heroin began. She possesses complete confidence in her ability to choose and execute a just action (Lines 1279). “The flaws of her hubris is easy to spot in Oedipus, but Antigone’s brilliance is so dbazzling that we overlook her flaw. After all, she has formulated a great and noble

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