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After reading Antigone, there were two protagonist who were the noble heroes of the play brought down by their own fatal flaws. Creon and Antigone were both noble heroes who tried to do what is right for the people of the town and they believed that it was their duty to help the community. Creon is a protagonist because he is a rational guy who like to take care of what is right. Creon distances himself from the awful desires of Oedipus and who he was. As a protagonist he tells Antigone that he strongly believes in political and social structure. Creon believes in everyday happiness and simplicity. One of the many effects of Creon was his downfall in the play. Creon is one of the tragic hero characters in Antigone. He is a tragic hero because of his stubbornness and his alter ego. In scene 5, Creon states “Whatever you say will not change my will.” This quote helps explain that Creon thinks he is superior over all. Antigone is also a protagonist because she strongly in her heart instead of her ruler. She does what her heart says, and she does not follow what the ruler says. Line 168 of Antigone states, “Say that I am mad, and madly let me risk the worst that I can suffer and the best.” This quote helps explain that she thinks she is doing the right thing but she does not see how it affects the members of the society. Excessive pride was also a major issue on why she is considered a tragic hero. Her pride got the best of her. In Conclusion, the two characters Creon and Antigone are both protagonists. They are protagonists in the way that they both believe in what is right. The two of them are also tragic heroes in the play. They strongly believe in their own heart and not in what the rulers say. Another reason why they are tragic heroes is because of their excessive pride. The arrogance and the pride literally got the best of

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