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Ogooluwa Oluwemimo English 200 02-25-2013 TRAGEDY OF ANTIGONE. Tragedy in a play means a play in which the protagonist, usually a man of importance and outstanding personal qualities, falls to disaster through the combination of a personal failing and circumstances with which he cannot deal. This is the kind of situation in which Antigone found herself. In the story of Antigone, Oedipus the king has died and his two sons, Polyneices and Thebes. These two brothers were contending for the throne. They slay one another, leaving Kreon their uncle to be the acting regents of Thebes. With his power, Kreon declares that Polyneices must be left unbury and to get rot on the battlefield, which happens to be the highest disgrace to any Greek and human nature. “for the city is forbidden to morning him or bury him” (p 243). It was this that gave Antigone much concern to get his brother bury. Antigone who is one of the princess was left torn between sates of family, and in the end choose family over the state. She regarded the order of Kreon with grave answer to herself, she venture to bury the body of his brother Polyneices. She asked her sister Ismene to join her in burying their brother, “make up your mind. Will you join me? Share the burden” (p 245) this was the question of Antigone to her sister Ismene.but when she realizes the fear and attitude of Ismene in keepin to the law “you want to bury him? Break the law?” (p 245). “But she did not allow Ismene action to stop her from carrying out her action. At least tell nobody what you are plannig! Say nothing about it. And neither will I” (p 247). These was the advice Ismene gave to her. Antigone desire to bury her brother prove how she loves and devoted to her family. Her life was not about her and would risk own to make sure her family were respected. She is also respectful towards the dead and believes the needs a

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