Antigone Essay

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie and her grandmother both value completely different things in life. Nanny on one side, values wealth and security over anything else. She believes that a relationship must contain these qualities in order for it to be acceptable, and that is why she wants Janie to marry Logan Killicks as he has these exact qualities and thought he would protect Janie. Janie on the other hand, is the complete opposite; she is an individual with a huge amount of independence and with a great desire to experience many things in the world. She has a lot of value on courage and power and to not fall to a level beneath other people, but instead to rise above them. Janie also values that in life you must not be hidden, but instead be noticed. The kind of pain that led to the making of Janie’s values in life was that with many of her marriages, she was unable to rise to the level of her spouses and to be an independent young woman. Through these experiences in all her marriages she has learned that in order to be successful in life, you must rise above your spouse and be powerful. It is shown that Janie values being noticed when the author describes her as woman who is filled with “life beneath the surface but it [is] kept beaten down by the wheels” (76). She feels that society is constantly trying to push her under, therefore with this pain that her society has given her, she has started to value that power and authority are key in this society, and in order to obtain power, authority, and to be noticed one must fight to the top. All these life experiences led Janie to develop these values of life. To conclude, although Janie is the granddaughter of Nanny, Hurston clearly shows that they both have completely different values shaping their world view. It is through the experienced pain that these two individuals have developed

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