Antigone Essay

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Greg Watts 4/15/08 Professor De Young Antigone Essay Male vs. Female In the play “Antigone,” Creon and Antigone clearly conflict on their views of which a person should live their life, and Creon believes his views are correct because he is a dominant male figure while Antigone is an inferior female. Creon is Antigone’s uncle, and Creon is the newly crowned King of Thebes. Creon is well respected in the society, and Antigone knows that. Antigone’s beliefs are completely opposite the beliefs of Creon, and because of this she challenges his authority. Creon does not respect Antigone for the simple fact that she is a female in a male dominant society. Creon and Antigone’s beliefs are incredibly opposing, with neither of the two respecting the other one’s stands. Once Creon becomes the King of Thebes he quickly abandons all of his beliefs and turned his sole focus on the laws of the city. Because Creon was attempting to become a dominant male figure and became overwhelmed with power he created laws that the society had to abide by. He wanted his laws to override any other religion and any family values. The way in which Creon went about this is conflicted with Antigone because Antigone would not abide by his rules. Creon clearly discriminated against woman and felt as they were inferior to all males. The way in which Creon and Antigone oppose each other adds fuel to the fire in the conflicts between the sexes. Antigone’s beliefs are the complete opposite of Creon’s in the sense that she believed in respect to the god’s and family over anything else. This upset Creon because Antigone did not respect his views and strongly opposed them. Creon was even more upset because Antigone is a female that is opposing him; if Antigone was a male, Creon would most likely let the opposing views go under the radar, but that is not the case. Creon denying the approval of
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