Antibiotic Sensitivity Essay

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Procedure Preparing of Medium Agar Materials and apparatus * Distilled water * Nutrient agar powder * Autoclave machine * Petri dish * Hot plated * Conical flask Procedure 1. 500 ml of agar solution was prepared by using 500 ml distilled water and 10 g of nutrient agar powder. 2. Both distilled water and nutrient agar powder was poured into conical flask. 3. The solution then heated and stirred by using hot plate for about half an hour. 4. Next, the agar medium was transferred into autoclave machine for three hours, after that poured into petri dish. Preparing of lime juice Materials and apparatus * Key lime (5) * 3 beakers (50 ml) * 1 measuring cylinder (10 ml) * 1 beaker (1000 ml) * Hand glove * Knife Procedure 1. Key lime is squeezing to get the key lime. 2. Differen concentrations of lime juice are producing/diluting by distilled water. * 100% key lime * 50% key lime * 25% key lime 3. This is the formula to produce different key lime concentrations. * M1V1 = M2V2 Preparing of Kirby-Bauer test Materials and apparatus * Broth cultures of P. anvenginosa, E coli, S. aurens and B. spizizenii * Sterile cotton swab * Forceps * Bunsen burner * Whatman filter paper (small piece after punch) * Key lime discs * Parafilm Procedure 1. Swirl the contents of the broth culture of P. anvenginosa until it is equally murky throughout. 2. Use the sterile cotton swab to create a lawn of P. anvenginosa on 2 of the plates of Mueller-Hinton agar aseptically. 3. Using sterile forcep, pick key lime discs, and place them on opposite sides of a petri dish containing P. anvenginosa, with the code side facing up. Tap them gently with sterile forceps to stick them to the agar. 4. Repeat step 5 using the plates of , E coli, S. aurens and B.
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