Anti Vietnam War Protests Essay

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On October 15, 1969, one of the largest anti-Vietnam war protests took place, as thousands gathered in a nonvilent protest against the war.The protest came with an ultimatum: if the war did not end by October, a general strike would take place, where millions of Americans would participate. Because the Vietnam War was the first televised war, more and more people realised that war was not about adventure and glory; from the blood on the cameras and the horrific scenes shown on TV, the public understood how bloody and terrible war was. The general opinions towards the war quickly became strained as drafts were quickly passed. Young men had to leave home and fight a war on the other side of the world. Protesters began breaking into offices and burning draft cards and mass opposition towards the war spread like a wildfire. Pacifists, human rights activists, and others argued that the war was simply an excuse for American Imperialism. The media, popular figures including David Mixner, Marge Sklenkar, Martin Luther King Jr., David Hawk, and Muhammed Ali, and Herd mentality were key factors towards fueling the frenzy. Though protesting was not the only reason for ending the war, it was certainly a major proponent. It would also later be the basis of the protests against the Iraq War. It also affected American culture and the entire generaltion as a whole. By the end of 1968, troop casualties were very much higher than what was projected, and the future of American participation in the War looked bleak. Because of the pressure from millions of protesters from around the world, Congress decided to end the war on January 27, 1973. Do the beliefs of the average man, the principles of the politicians, and the ideals of the entertainers through radio, TV, song ,and speech really harbor democratic values? Are individual beliefs and ideals impressionalble by the
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