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Anti Terrorist Legislation in Canada By Brett Duncan, A2 Law Anti terrorist legislation came into force in Ottawa, December 24th, 2001; it creates measures to identify, prosecute, convict and punish terrorist groups. Anti terrorist legislation also ensures that Canadian values of respect and fairness are preserved and the root causes of hatred are addressed through stronger laws against hate crimes and propaganda. Anti terrorist legislation is a very necessary case of Anti terrorist legislation in Canada because it will help if not put an end to terrorism in Canada but to put a large cap on it making terrorism a much smaller worry within the country of Canada. Anti terrorist legislation is seen to be a very dismal source of protection to…show more content…
There have been many past cases with terrorism in Canada and the United States. Terrorism in the United States has become a problem. There are many examples and reasons from various terrorist groups about why they target the United States. They include reasons such as unfair treatment and war. The United States has seriously been trying to fix these problems ever since the World Trades Centre attacks. The United States is such a highly populated and powerful country which could aid in terrorists immediately targeting them for terrorist acts and for all there resources to aim for to cause large destruction. The biggest example of terrorism in the United States was on September eleventh, two thousand and one, when four passenger planes were hijacked by terrorists. Two of the planes were flown directly into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, which caused massive fires. Less than two hours late, this caused the collapse of the towers. Also on February twenty sixth, nineteen ninety three in New York City, a bomb exploded in basement garage of the World Trade Center. It killing six people and injured at least one thousand and forty others. These multiple acts of Terrorism in the United States have more then likely occurred due to their lack of preparation. Canada has provided a lot of aid to the United States. Canada has assisted in recovery and helping the United States immediately after an attack. Within forty-five minutes of the terrorist attacks on September eleventh, Canadian airports had started accepting over two hundred diverted planes and more than thirty thousand passengers and aircrews across the country. Canada had also invested two hundred and eighty million dollars in immediate emergency measures such as enhanced police force, security and intelligence in the shadows of September

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