Anti Social Social Media Essay

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Anti-Social Social Media How often to you find yourself looking at your phone when you’re hanging out with a group of your friends? More and more in the new era of technology people are more focused on what is going on in cyber space rather than what is going on right in front of their face. With new ways to interact like twitter, instagram, snapchat, and tinder people are losing out on precious face-to-face communication skills. While having so many ways to communicate is beneficial because it keeps us connected, it has a tendency to make society anti-social. To Admit, Social media does have its benefits. With all these different ways to connect, it makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and family that you do not see on a regular basis. With all the advancements in technology the world has become smaller. For example, I met a guy on a cruise my freshman year of high school, we hung out everyday while on the cruise. Just the other day he found me on twitter and we had a chance to catch up. It’s incredible that after 4 years one can be able to stay in contact, that wouldn’t be possible if not for social media. Furthermore, social media isn’t just limited to being used as a way to stay connected to your friends. Social media has many benefits for educational purposes. Teachers can create groups on Facebook and Twitter to inform students of assignments and changes to class plans. In Addition, a professor can show podcasts and videos to their students as a way to further their learning. Mark Blankenship had a chance to experience a new way to teach to students via Skype. Due to a teachers inability to fly Mark to their school he was asked to do the lecture through Skype. Mark said, “[e]xcept for the fact that I never shared a physical space with them, my experience with the students was remarkably similar to the experience I've had with students in the actual
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