Anti Smoking Satire Essay

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Anti-Smoking PSA Michael: Kody Wilcox Dude: Scottie Wilkinson Vicky: Maranda Seaman Tina: Kenneth Adams Timmy-No-Teeth: Michael Guy Johnny: Joey Narrator: Michael: Hey man. Whats up? Dude: Nothing. Just hanging out. Michael: Oh. Cool. Sooo.. You wanna cancer stick? Dude: Do what??!! Michael: A CANCER STICK! Ya know… Lung disease in a tube. Dude: What are you talking about? Dude: Oh.. Look Michael, Here comes Vicky. ..Hey Vicky. Vicky: I overheard you. You said you don’t know what a cancer stick is?! Are you an idiot. Dude: I'm not an idiot. Vicky: Right…..They’re awesome. They turn your lungs black. That’s my favorite color. Michael:…show more content…
Vicky: He got cancer. Lost a lung, and his teeth fell out. Michael: Yeah. And he has a hole in his throat. But its not too bad. He still gets to smoke through his nose holes. TNT: YAY! Vicky: Ohhh!!. And look at Johhny over there. He lost his hair and can’t really smell anything anymore. He’s Like a goldfish. Michael: Yeah. He can’t remember anything five minutes ago. Johnny: Who's house am i at? Dude: OH! Hey. Who’s that dude over there? Michael: Oh that’s Tina. Dude: No.. The “dude”. Vicky: That “DUDE” is Tina. Dude: Are you serious. Michael: Yeah. “HEY TINA. COME HERE!” Vicky: We want you to meet our friend Tina. TINA: (DEEP RASPY VOICE) hey. Dude: Whispers to Vicky) Where's her hair? Vicky: Some of it fell out after she started smoking. TNT: Hee hee. Her's sexy. Dude: Ok. I'm gonna leave you 3 alone. See yall later END SCENE. Narrator: Did you know that you are 10 x more susceptible to lung & larynx cancer if you smoke. 6x More likely to die of heart disease. And TWICE as likely to die of a stroke. Don't follow the crowd. Make smart decisions. DONT
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