Anti Hero Amir

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An anti-hero is usually considered the protagonist in a story. Basically the main character is always expected to be hero of their story. A anti-hero lacks heroic qualities of an admirable person or leader. In the Kite Runner, Amir was the main character. He was the one any reader would have selected to be the first hero of the novel. However, this wasn’t true. In the beginning of the novel, Amir seems as if he is a strong, smart boy. He appears to help anyone, like he read to Hassan when he couldn’t read. As the story progresses, you will find this to not be true. During a fight Hassan and Amir had with another boy, Amir was the first to surrender and defend him. Unexpectedly, Hassan was the one who tried to defend Amir. Another time this type of situation occurred was directly after the kite tournament. Amir had won that tournament, and gave responsibility of his kite to Hassan. The fight that occurred earlier in the novel had all unraveled into this fight. This had angered their enemy. Amir was looking from a distance at Hassan being assaulted. Amir had the chance to break up the feud and save Hassan, just like he would do for Amir. However, Amir did not. The night ended badly, and Hassan was raped. Amir was supposed to be from the being, a strong character. He was thought to be caring, from being the son of a very caring man. Amir was the complete opposite. He was stubborn, very stubborn. He only cared about his well-being, and nobody else’s. He was also very jealous, which I strongly believe led to him not helping Hassan. As the story unfolded, I noticed that Babba was more interested in Hassan. Amir wanted to be in Hassan’s spot. Amir doesn’t realize the true meaning of life until later on in the story. From not helping Hassan the night of the rape, led to extreme guilt. Everything Amir did, he had guilt. With that guilt he suffered a
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