Anti Federalists Dbq Analysis

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The founding fathers had many concerns that were generated by the ratification of the U.S. constitution. During the time of two feuding parties, neither party takes public good into consideration. Document A, federalist #10, supports this statement. During the ratification of the United States constitution the federalists and anti-federalists were constantly feuding about which form of government was best. Both parties had major political, economic, and social concerns about their opponents government ideas. Political concerns were the most significant when ratifying the Constitution. Ever since the Virginia Plan, there had been major political controversies. Anti-federalists believed that the Constitution did not have fair or equal representation for the states because federalists wanted elites to run the government; therefore, the elites don’t understand what the small farmers in Georgia want for the government. The elites would focus on selfish-interest. The Anti-federalists came up with what is known as the Bill of Rights and presented it to the federalists. This document gave individuals their rights and it gave the states rights as well. Document F, anti-federalist papers “Brutus” IV, supports…show more content…
The articles could not control factions therefore they needed a stronger government that could handle a rebellion. Document D, a letter written to George Washington by John Jay, supports this idea. Shay’s rebellion is an example of the many crisis’ Jay feared. Shay’s rebellion arose due to problems with revenue. Farmers revolted against the government because they wanted paper money and tax relief. The government could not do anything to stop this rebellion. Shay’s rebellion signifies that the Articles of Confederation could not protect their citizen’s property. Federalist’s wanted to set rules on how money should be
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