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Anti-Federalist The Anti-Federalists were the people who were against the Constitution of the United States in 1787. They wrote the Anti-Federalist papers during the time of ratification of the Constitution. The Anti-Federalist had many fears of the new proposed Constitution and one of them was a strong central government that controlled too much of the county and would not be able to do everything necessary to run the it properly. Another issue in the Anti-Federalist minds was the Constitution had no bill of rights in it. A third problem with the Constitution according to the Anti-Federalist was that the states would have no power. The first issue the Anti-Federalists were concerned with was the national government having too much power. In the Anti-Federalist Paper No. 11 they address this issue about unrestricted power over commerce should not be given to the national government. The Anti-Federalists were worried that if a national government was in charge of commerce, then the states will not all get what they need and will begin to fail. The Anti-Federalist believed that the states could help one another out. If one state was good at farming and a different one good at manufacturing they could share their skills to help both states thrive. This would also unite the country as it helped each other out as states. The Anti-federalist feared there would be no limitations to what the national government could do with the nation’s commerce. They feared the government wouldn’t regulate trade well and do a poor job dealing with foreign countries. The Anti-Federalist thought that a strong bond between states was necessary to prevent civil war and this could not be prevented if the national government was in charge of important things such as the countries commerce. The second issue the Anti-Federalists were worried about was the lack of a bill of rights

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