Anti-Bullying Essay

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Schools and Community Based Bullying Programs Brittany Carla COM/156 July 7th, 2013 Jason Mac Leod Abstract Nowadays, bullying has become a huge problem in schools and communities. Children of all age groups get picked on every day on just about everything, such as their shoes, clothes, hair, weight, etc.. Bullying will affect their communication skills, self-confidence, trust in others, ability to prefer, mental status, and even how they function in school. Starting and putting in place effective bullying preventions and interventions programs will give children and adults a better understanding that will allow them to establish and maintain the anti-bullying programs. Successful Anti-Bullying Programs Bullying is a common problem in schools and communities, however, there are also anti-bullying programs that are able to decrease this problem. All age groups of children go through bullying, whether it is elementary school, middle school, or high school. Which is many schools have tried to enforce anti-bullying programs to decrease this problem and they seem to be effective as well. However, to come up with anti-bullying programs and make them stick, the staff of the school need to practice these programs and understand why children bully others. Children are not born as bullies. They learn from the environment in which they grew up in. Even if the child is not the one being bullied, they can still become one by observing their surroundings. It can be from what they observe and experience in their own home, in their neighborhood, and at school. Child bully others from various reasons. The common reason why children bully is due to a problem in their home such as, children neglected by a parent, children whose parents are divorced or going through one, and children whose parents use drugs, alcohol, or violence and this includes siblings as well.

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