Anthropomorphism and Robotics

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Anthropomorphism and Robotics In today’s world we look at technology to be a savoir or something of a mechanism for convenience; however, its getting more and convenient to the point where we are allowing the modern day technology take over. We are dealing with the world’s biggest flux of technological advances and the big issue I am choosing to tackle is robotics. Robotics was not really a big deal until the last 10 years due to the fact everything today is done either by computers or by automated systems outside our own means. Get me no wrong I love the updates to our new world, but personally it is not the great point our society. It has gotten to the point where we have the mentality that we are in need of assistance at all time but everything and we much rather let other things work for us instead of us working for ourselves. In our society we have important scientist that go about building robots for our new world. We often look to all the sci-fi films and wish to recreate the flying cars, talking robots, and the futuristic homes, yet we are not in the correct time for them all. Notice, saying all, we do have enough to make the flying cars and the talking robots. It’s apart of this new world to put things in that finally call to throughout the ages and match the years of technology that we should already have. Speaking in this sense we have thousands of innovations that we as people cannot survive without. But getting to my big point, robots are the most effective things in our society. Robots are apart of this world in many forms and sizes mostly a good number of them are in manufacturing companies, automated systems, military, and even human-like robots have been made in Toyota, Japan. But the main robots I am focusing on are anthropomorphic robots. Anthropomorphic means that they have human-like qualities and along with the qualities they also have the

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