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In the NOVA Alien from earth the film talks about controversy between scientist if the hobbit is real or not. Homo floresiensis is the name given to the hobbit by the Dutch and Indonesian scientists. The hobbits lived recently enough to have co-existed with modern humans. The bones were between 10,000 and 95,000 years old. The hobbit brain is smaller by a modern human's brain. Its around 400 cubic centimeters, is less than one third the size of a modern human. The hobbits skeleton was surrounded by tools, which is a throwback to a primitive ancestor. The hobbits brain is the size of chimpanzee and found with stone tools. The brain size has tripled in the course of human evolution. Skeptic Scientist believe that the cause for Homo floresiensis is a disease called microcephaly, it is a rare condition often caused by defective genes. The answer is being pursued in St. Louis, at the Mallinckrodt Institute. CAT scans of the hobbit's skull; radiologists can recreate a model of its brain. Anthropologist Dean Falk compares it to the brains of microcephalics. The CAT scans showed that hobbit and the microcephalic looks totally different. The frontal lobe of hobbit is swollen underneath and expanded. In the microcephalic it's sharp and flat and in the microcephalic, the cerebellum is pushed back. The greatest contrast between the two brains lies in the frontal lobes. In microcephalics, the brain is underdeveloped. A skeptic scientist Jim Phillips says ”What is important is the brain and eye-hand coordination and the idea of making something. You have to select the specific kind of raw material; you have to prepare, really prepare this core or this pebble before you even begin knocking off the blades... And a 400-c.c. brain, in my opinion, is not going to be able to produce, repeatedly, a tradition both of blade and flake technology.” But another scientist Dean

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