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Priscilla Maldonado Taking A Closer Look At The Christian Community Anthropology 12:00 PM Clark College 2011 Observing The Christian Community 1 Taking A Closer Look At The Christian Community Sunday, a very common day when Christians gather as a community to give praise to the divinity they worship and trust so deeply in. I have chosen to do my project on religion because it is something I have known my whole life. Religion, something I have learned about through my guardians, being in that particular environment and of course through observation. Even though I have learned about much about religion through enculturation I have never observed Sunday gatherings through an anthropological point of view. I will accomplish this project by attending a Christian church and observing the many religious acts and behaviors of these people. My attempt as I began this project is to keep the subjectiveness to a minimum right along with capturing as many before unseen observations as possible. I start this day by getting ready and making sure I have notebook, pen in hand and an open mind. I arrive at my location. I proceed to walk through the first set of doors of the church. As I walked through a second set of doors I am guided to a hallway, which I follow for about a minute to arrive to a room that was big enough to hold about 65 people. As soon as I reach the end of the hall I am greeted by a man when I reach the door, he then proceeds to shake my hand as he welcomes me into the room. Before I am out of this mans reach he hands me a pamphlet, which I come back to later. I look around the room before taking my seat and count about 30 to 40 people attending this Sunday gathering. This Sunday gathering consist of many groups, I have spotted a chorus group, Observing The Christian Community 2 men that preach and the of course those sitting in the crowd,

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