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Anthro Study Notes Paper 2 Ib

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Paper 2 SL
A Conceptual knowledge and analysis

5–6 The response demonstrates detailed knowledge and understanding of relevant core
terms and ideas, and uses these to evaluate and question anthropological materials.

B Use of ethnographic materials

7–8 The response presents ethnographic material and successfully establishes its
relevance to the question. The material is identified in terms of place, author and
historical context. Knowledge of the societies studied is detailed and the presentation
is organized and clearly focused.

C Comparisons (of different societies or different groups within a given society or
across societies or approaches)

5 The response provides relevant, detailed comparisons and comments on them

Assessed across both essays:
D Processes of change and transformation within and across cultures and societies

3–4 At least one essay shows a good understanding of patterns and processes of
change and social transformation or a good awareness of how anthropological
knowledge and understanding change over time.

E Breadth of knowledge of societies

2 The work demonstrates detailed knowledge of at least three societies.

Mestisoz Vs. Indians
In Alan R. Sandstrom’s ethnography “Corn is our Blood: Culture and Ethnic Identity in a Contemporary Aztec Indian Village” based on his longitudinal research of Amatlan, located in Veracruz, Mexico during the years of 1970, 1972 – 1973, 1985 – 86 and 1990 Sandstrom examines how the Nahua people have adapted their ethnic identity under domination by Spanish – Speaking Mexicans and how they use this identity against alien elites as a strategy for creating opportunities.

Folk Urban Continuum: Robert Redfield visualized a “F U C,” in which villages, towns, and cities form a developmental series. At one extreme are the folk communities like amatlan, which are isolated, small, homogenous, and family based. Other end includes   cities and towns heterogenous, big, family...

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