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Anthro Essay

  • Submitted by: frythatlumpia
  • on November 8, 2012
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Maria Florianne September 18, 2012
Essay 1

Ques. 1: Provide a detailed review of Dr. Knauft’s web page resources at:

Professor Bruce M. Knauft is best known for his research on the Gebusi tribe in Papua New Guinea since 1980. As a cultural anthropologist, he has collected data that reveal customs and traditions of the Gebusi before and after Westernization. He has published books highlighting his work on the Gebusi that include The Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World, Exchanging the Past: A Rainforest World of Before and After, and Critically Modern: Alternatives, Alterities, Anthropologies. Aside from his books dedicated to the Gebusi tribe, he has published several other books such as From Primitive to Postcolonial in Melanesia & Anthropology, Genealogies for the Present, South Coast New Guinea Cultures: History, Comparison, Dialectic, and Good Company and Violence: Sorcery and Social Action in a Lowland New Guinea Society. These books tackled the anthropology of Melanesia - an ethnographic culture in the south coast of New Guinea (1e). In the words of Dr. Knauft, these questions that spark his anthropological interests are: “What is the relation between cultural diversity and trajectories of contemporary change? How does social life in different world areas reflect specific cultural histories in relation to colonialism, capitalism, and modern cultural and political economies?” He is particularly interested in “contemporary politico-economic and religious change, late modern geopolitics and cultural politics, national and local organizational forms, gender and sexuality, violence and conflict, [the] history of anthropology, and comparative area studies and comparative ethnography” among other things (1c).
Aside from Papua New Guinea, he has also set sight on India, West and East Africa and South and Inner Asia. He has become a primary adviser for graduate students...

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