Anthem For Doomed Youth

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Khalid Terrell Terrell 1 English 112 Dr. Balint 2/21/2011 “Anthem for doomed youth” Wars have been something that has existed as long as mankind has. They have been something that has been accepted among society. Many feel as if they are needed to solve disputes or augments among masses of people in or out a designated land such as a country. In Wilfred Owen’s “Anthem for doomed youth”, he makes apparent that war is something that is dangerous and should not be accepted among society. Owen, through his use of irony, personification, and vocabulary, also brings out religion as a non-caring factor. In the first line of Owen’s poem, he addresses the issue with the question, “What passing bells for these who die as cattle?”. Passing bells are bells that are rung to mourn over someone’s death and announce it to the world. Owen is asking were are those bells for all the soldiers being slaughtered in battle. These bells that are usual rung, are often rung by churches. Owen is asking where are the bells concluding that there are none. This first sentence is the first reference to religion being a non-caring factor regarding the deaths of the soldiers. The second line again references religion as non-caring factor using personification. Owen personifies the guns shuttering to patter the only hasty orisons of the soldiers. Orisons are religious prayers that are often given out at funerals. The only Terrell 2 orisons that soldiers hear when they die in battle is rapid gunshots. There are no prayers from religious figures at funerals, so not only does religion do not care, but
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