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The Concept of Dystopia In the novel Anthem and in the movie The Island, Rand and Bay use the concept of dystopia to connect characters, symbols, and society. “I shall call to me my friend who has no name save international 4-8818, and those like him… I and they, my chosen friends, my fellow builders, shall write the first chapter in the new history of man( pg.).” Equality connects to this quote because as he progresses in knowledge he realises that he can not complete his ideal society with only Liberty, his soon to come child, and himself. Equality wants all of his former friends to find out and feel exactly what freedom really means. this drives equality to come to the conclusion that he will go back and retrieve his friends from this evil society and start the first chapter of history for mankind. Just as Equality felt the need to rescue his dear friends, so did Lincoln. Once Lincoln notices that the society he has been living in was a complete dystopia from what everyone there had thought, he also decides to go rescue his friends. As Lincoln explores the “Contamination” he realizes that there was really no contamination and it was only a lie to keep them from escaping the contained facility they were created in. Lincoln can not accept that his friends were mere Products. So, he heads back to the facility disguised as the real Lincoln to rescue all of his friends that were brainwashed to thinking there was only one way to survive, The Island. The symbols that were used to express the concept of Dystopia was the Glass Box from the novel Anthem, and the Moth from the movie The Island . Both of these represent change and lead the way to freedom. The Glass Box represents change because now Equality realises that there is more than what the Council of Scholars and his society knows. This will soon lead to the way to freedom for Equality and Liberty because

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