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Anthem Through the book Anthem, ego has it hands on just about every thing, Equality has ego driving him to change and be different from everyone. Equality is never, and was never able to think for himself or anyone around him in years with out it breaking a law or placing a sin on his fellow brothers. With ego driving him forwards Equality is driven to learn new things and find out what every thing is and was, such as the light bulb. With Equality thinking on his own he will/has learn how to do things him self. In chapter seven “he is able to walk right into the meeting of the World Council of Scholars because there are no guards to stop him” (Rand 68) even so he has no worries to be held back to were he wants to for such all the men around are scared for placing’s sins for they will be lashed, Equality has no fear any more from the guards or the council he has learned enough to know he has nothing to worry he can leave an live in the land of the forest an be able to hunt an find him self things to eat. This all falls under the bench of his “EGO” in this society nobody has any idea how to keep their head up thinking for them selves. Some how Equality has broken that string and has learned to do things him self and not half to be told how or what to do. in chapter two equality finds him self sweeping the road down bythe narrows by the first mile post he must sweep to. In that time Equailty finds him self looking out in the fields were a worker in the Home of the Peasants is in the rows picking weeds. Quite frankly equality tell her how beautiful she is an cant get over how he can see in this one other person they them self are controlling them. “She is physically beautiful, tall, and blonde with a hard face and an unafraid expression.” (Rand 39) an in this time equality has given her a name, “The Golden One” for this he is not aloud to do witch is placing a

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