Antecedents Of Accounting Essay

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From reading the article, we can see that accounting at a particular time and place represents the level of civilization then and there. For example, we see the difference in civilization in Ancient Babylonia and Egypt where they recorded receipts and disbursements on papyrus, whereas in Ancient Greece they used tablets to write down their transactions. As you can see, each civilization had its own rules to govern financial reporting but there no universally accepted principles or governing body. The understanding of accounting today is linked to the history of accounting as this history parallels with the rise and development of civilization. Accounting today is so much easier and error recognition is so much more identifiable due to the advancements of technology as compared to the primitive means of accounting that dates back in history. I think the role of accounting will expand as technology advances well into the future. A surprising part in the article revealed that under the Roman Empire, every tax payer sought to evade taxes and that special “revenue police” was organized to examine each man’s property and income and that torture was used on wives, children and slaves to make them reveal the hidden wealth or earnings of the household. Severe penalties were enacted for evasion of taxes. It is fascinating to see that the same issues or accounting crimes that occur in today’s world (we see them happening to celebrities and other high-profile individuals) dates back so far in history. I had no idea that this was the case. However, it was to be expected that this was to occur because of Rome’s remarkable skill as administrators and with its effective use of accounting and auditing to control the generals of conquered territories. They had a very rigid system of accounting which employed the use of many individuals such as Magistrates, Quaestors and Tax

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