Antebellum Period Essay

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The antebellum period was a time of many reforms throughout the US. A change in the society and ones views on the US. During this period there were movements that a plethora of reformers used to change the US into a more democratic place. Reformers looked at the US as it having many evils that needed to be eliminated, such as slavery, alcohol, women rights and jails. They took many approaches and strategies in order to improve moral beliefs. During the period of 1825 to 1850 was a time of democratic reform in the United States. In the 1820’s there was a high rate of liquor consumption. After a long day of work or on the weekends men would go to the bar to drink and talk about their daily issues. Lyman Beecher and Neal Dow were reformers that were apart of a movement called the Temperance Movement. These reformers viewed alcohol as an evil. As explained in Doc H, people looked at alcohol as it leading up to ones death. From having a glass with a friend, all the way to the death bed. Reformers looked at alcohol as the cause for social illnesses. They persuaded drinkers to be abstinent to liquor. During the time of the antebellum period around the 1840’s there was no place for people with mental, physical, or social illnesses so they would be put in jails. These jails were unsanitary and filled with actual criminals. A reformer named Dorothea Dix believed that certain people with special needs didn’t deserve to be in those conditions of the jail cell. This movement was called the asylum movement. Dix dedicated her time to building and improving mental homes so that the people who are mentally ill would have a proper place to be instead of a dreadful cell. There was a developmental change in jails. Penitentiaries were created for the youthful criminals separating them from older people for their safety (DOC A). These penitentiaries helped improve society by

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