Ant 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Final Paper

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Understanding the Culture of the Amish ANT 101 Understanding the Culture of the Amish When America was first founded, the people to first colonize and populate the new world were those trying to escape religious prosecution in Europe. As time passed in America, different religions came as well as different people. Despite the evolution of religion, technology, and the American belief and value system, there has been a particular group of people in America who continue to maintain the same religious traditions as their forefathers before them. That group is called the Amish Mennonites, or more commonly known as The Amish. The Amish are an agriculturalist society. Their primary means of substance is farming, “including the cultivation of the soil (for raising crops) and the raising of domesticated animals” (Agriculture, 2010). Despite the advantages of technology in America, the Amish choose to not use technology as it goes against their religious beliefs. In this report, I will discuss more about the culture of the Amish, their beliefs and values, their economic organization, and the sickness and healing of the Amish. The Amish are a society that is run by there religious convictions. Parts of their religious convictions are to detach themselves from the modern society of America. Since the Amish have limited themselves from the conveniences of the outside world, farming is primarily their number one source of income; hence they are an agriculturalist society. The belief that using technology such as electricity, home appliances, and certain farming equipment is considered “worldly” or superficial and goes against the Amish Christian religion. The Amish beliefs and values center on their religion. The priorities of the Amish are always God and the community first. The second priority for the Amish is family. Rarely will you come across Amish married

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