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1.3 Describe ways of prioritising targets and setting timescales for own work A way to prioritise targets is by knowing how long it will take you to reach the target. By doing this you will be able to sort out how much time you spend on tasks to reach your targets. A way you can do this is by keeping a log of what steps you have taken to get to the target. You can also make a schedule or plan which can help you prioritise how much time you should spend on each task and if you are on track to completing the target by the timescale that has been set. 1.4 Describe the types of problems that may occur during work, and ways of dealing with them Types of problems that may occur during work may be technical issues with your computer such as the system crashing. A way to deal with these kinds of problems would be to refer to a member of the I.T team or to an external company who may be able to fix the problem. Another problem may be staff who are absent who may have the information you need. A way to overcome this may be to find another staff member who may be able to give you the information or access to the information for you. If you cannot overcome these types of problems in this way, you may have to look for an alternative. 1.8 Explain the purpose of guidelines, procedures and codes of practice that are relevant to own work The purpose of guidelines, procedures and code of practice that are relevant to work is so you know how work is supposed to be done, what is expected and so you do not make mistakes. A code of practice establishes an agreement between colleagues which can help to minimise any mistakes. 2.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of setting high standards for own work Setting a high standard for your own work so that you can reach your full potential. By setting high standards for yourself, you will be recognised in work in a positive way.
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