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Lab Title ____________________________________ Your Name: _________________________________________ DSI Number: _________________________________________ NETW204 DeVry University Date: _________________________________________ Professor Name: _________________________________________ Table of Contents Introduction 3 Procedure 3 Results 3 Application and Analysis 3 Questions 3 Conclusion and Recommendation 4 Lessons Learned 4 References 4 Introduction Discuss what you will do in this lab. Provide some background information on the main idea in this lab and discuss the purpose of the lab activity. Procedure How did you go about implementing the lab activity? Describe the steps you took to ensure that the final implementation meets the original business goal. For example, did you design a new IP scheme and assign IP addresses to devices based on a given range of IP addresses? Did you assign IP addresses manually, dynamically, or both? Did you name devices based on location? Did you or would you connect switches first or routers first, why? Did you configure the end devices or the infrastructure devices first? What was the plan to verify that the network work? Note that the procedure must take into consideration not only the steps you took to implement the lab solution but also the order in which you carried out those steps and a rationale for doing so. Results Discuss your findings here. You devise some steps to complete the lab. Did the lab work? Did you make adjustments to your original procedure? How can you tell that the lab activity implemented meets the business needs? Application and Analysis Below are some sample questions that will guide you as you complete this lab section. From the information given, can you develop a set of instructions to implement the solution in a small-to medium-sized network? What, if

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