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Anselm was a renowned Christian Bishop, who would become the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is also credited with being one of the first Christian Theologians to try and prove that God existed, as opposed to just trying to pick apart any argument made by none Christian groups. The argument for which is his best known is known as “The Ontological Argument,” in which he attempts to prove that God exists. Arranged more like a prayer than a philosophical work, the argument attempts to logically prove that God must exist. Anselm was attempting to prove that god existed “a priori,” or through reason alone. He argued that not everyone needed a personal experience with God to believe in him – God’s existence was a logical conclusion if you thought the argument through. Specifically Anselm aimed his argument at “The Fool.” This does not refer to any specific fool, or to a capering jester in bright clothes, but is in fact a reference to the Bible. “Only the fool believes in his heart that there is no God,” says the Bible, and Anselm set about trying to prove it right. Anselm argument relies on his perception of God, and as such was more about convincing those who already believed, rather than making atheists believe as well. Anselm stated that God was the greatest conceivable being - being Omnipotent nothing could best him. No other thing in existence has the attributes of God that prove his power: he is Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnibenevolent. If something possess all of these attributes, then it is far greater than anything else that can be conceived. In effect, God is all powerful because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be God. If God is all powerful, then he would assume the most powerful state. So, for instance, he wouldn’t age because that would be a weakness of god. Anselm argues that in order to assume the most powerful state of being, a thing must exist. The

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