Another Move to China

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CASE STUDY - ANOTHER MOVE TO CHINA 1) In what ways does the MacDougall family represent a rare and valuable resource to a multinational firm? Nowadays, over 200 millions of people live and work in foreign countries. Hire an expatriate represent an extremely expensive investment for multinationals and they have to avoid “expatriate failure “because most of the time, it leads to a negative return on investment (ROI). The MacDougall Family represents a rare and valuable resource to a multinational. First, Lachlan has the technical skills researched by multinationals, beyond his capacity to perform in the required tasks Lachlan has technical and managerial competencies abroad and can easily and quickly adapt him in a new professional environment. Further more, because of the many moving of Lachlan, the MacDougall family has developed a sense of mobility and we can call them a “global family”. This skill is highly researched by multinationals. Another issue to take into account for multinationals is cross-cultural suitability; will the expatriate be able to adapt him in the new environment? Will its personality fit with the culture of the country? Does he have the required language ability and a positive attitude and emotional stability? It is also important for multinationals to take into account the family considerations, such as the spouse and children feelings about an assignment abroad (positive or negative). Then, another family issue is that the chances are quite high that the spouse will not be able to obtain a work permit in the assigned host country. In the case of the MacDougall family, they enjoy the challenge of living in a new country, with new situations and initiating new social contacts. They can easily adjust them to the foreign country and have cross-cultural suitability and rare intercultural competencies. The spouse Lisa has

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