Another day has dawned Essay

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Another day has dawned .in this god-forsaken place no sleep will come to me and I spent yet another morning watching the sun rise through the iron bars across the little hole that was my window. Two months I have been here everyday. The same routine, the same bleak, hopeless lifestyle. This would never have happened if only that lying, selfish, backstabbing-prig hadn’t lied at the stand and framed me for his own crime. And they believed him too. Blind fools, all of them, the judge, the lawyers, the jury……everybody. And now I am stuck here for the rest of my miserable life. And there was no hope to escape….or was there? My iron cell door squeked open. Meal time now and back-breaking hand work in the field. We walked in a file, my fellow convicts and I. We all suffered from the same fate, yrt they deserved it. I didn’t. I was innocent, only no one would believe me. All through my meal, I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering back to the thought of escape. Even as I toiled in the field under the hot-baking sun, my mind kept going over and over escaping from this death pit. I wonder if I had gone insane yet was unaware. I brushed that thought aside impatiently. Going insane was not an option if I was to escape. As I lay in my small, hard bunk at night, once again sleepless, a plan began to formulate in my head. But it required cunning speed and an incredible amount of luck. Three weeks passed, a month, then two months. No opportunity has arisen for my plan to hatch. And then, like a bolt of lightning from the heavens, it happened. Construction in the compound where the prisoners could spend their free time. The brick wall would be torn down and new iron fencing taking its place. This was my chance before the wire fencing is in place. Once the iron bars are put up, eternity in suffering would be mine. Escape would be impossible. A week into the

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