Another Cliché High School Speech Essay

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I can’t believe I’m graduating. No, not because time flew by so fast or some other cliché. No, I can’t believe I’m graduating because teachers have seen more at Starbucks than at school. But then again, I guess I can thank Mr. Stephens and his rendezvous with the school gun policy. Thank you Mr. Stephens. When I started this speech, I couldn’t think of anything I’ve learned in high school that is school appropriate. So I started thinking of what I have learned in each class I have taken. In history I learned about WWII, The Great Depression, and The Civil War. I also learned that the past is the past. Learn from it and don’t dwell on it. In Etymology, I studied the roots and orgins of words. I also learned to not forget my roots and where I’ve come from. Although it may be embarrassing sometimes because my family is from the boondocks, it’s a part of me. And everytime I stray and forget where I’m from I end up somewhere that I don’t want to be. Chemistry I learned to study matter and the changes it undergoes. I also learned that in certain situations people change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I’ve learned that it’s easier just to embrace the change rather than fighting it. In Psychology, I studied the mind. I also learned that in the words of Dr.Seus, “People who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind.” I’ve learned that people will always be talking, their bored with their own lives, and I mean who wouldn’t be jealous of mine. In Anatomy I learned the workings of the inner body . I also learned to accept my body and be comfortable with who I am. In all four years of Spanish I took, I learned, well, how to say Hola, and Como Estas? I also learned that those phrases don’t get you very far when you need to get directions back to your hotel during Spring Break in Cancun. In geography I learned where

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