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Anorexia Essay

  • Submitted by: rufarai
  • on April 4, 2011
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Class presentation   on Anorexia   Nervosa.    

This topic was chosen as a group because we where all interested in knowing   and to have an understanding of   this   eating disorder because it is affecting a lot of people and   the fact that it has the   highest   mortality rate compared to other eating disorders. Our group was made up of three individuals and we all did our own individual contributions in the presentation by talking about what anorexia was and how it could be treated. Whilst we were presenting we were   using power point   when each one was presenting we also had a video clip from utube that showed   different types of eating disorders. In   which we   helped each other to find the video clip that we showed in our presentation.

Anorexia nervosa can be a difficult disorder to diagnose, since individuals with anorexia often attempt to hide the disorder. Most of the individual with anorexia are in denial and secrecy. The more they stay in denial the more they lose weight but even they lose a lot of weight when they see themselves in the mirror they still feel or see themselves as over weight.

Anorexia can have dangerous psychological and behavioural effects on all aspects of an individual's life and also family members. The individuals behaviour signs would be dieting despite being thin, obsession with calories, pretending to eat or laying about eating and strange or secretive food ritual. These are some the behavioural signs. Whilst these signs are there they also make themselves vomit and doing too much   exersices.in most cases when the individual start to go through all these symptoms the individual might starting suffering related illness like;   depression,   if they are having less sleep it will lead to fatigue, anxiety disorder and personality disorder.

The other symptoms and signs of anorexia   will be physical, heart and circulatory system(low blood pressure, bradycardia), gastrointestinal complications   ( constipation and abdominal pain ),...

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