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Anomic Suicide Besides egoistic suicide and altruistic suicide, there still exists another cause which should not be neglected, that is, which is stressed by Durkheim, the anomic suicide. It is tremendously important to distinguish anomic suicide with egoistic suicide and altruistic suicide, for its reflection and influence are quite different from other two causes. As Duikheim stated, anomic suicide is the result of social anomie, which are usually caused by social or economical changes followed by breakdown of social norms. In the course of human history, anomic suicide happens frequently while there are unstable social environment and social turmoil. Take China for example, a large number of people commit suicide in unstable years. According to a survey in 1982, 856540 suicides were committed during the time of Cultural Revolution and 713100 people died. Not only social turmoil leads to anomic suicide, anomic suicide also happens during the time of economy recession or boost. Apparently, Suicide rate increased during economic crisis, for many people committed suicide because of poor or bankruptcy; however, fast growth periods also correlated with high suicide rates. Another data shows that in the period when China carried out the policy of reforming and opening to the outside, 2352 people committed suicide. On the surface, it would be confusing that so many people committed suicide in a relatively fast developing period, for it seems difficult to explain this strange phenomenon from psychology or in any other academic ways, however, if we explore this phenomenon in deeper and sociological level, it would not be hard to explain. As Durkheim concluded, it was not poverty that led to suicide. He argued that social deviance was the main factor that weakened social norms and made them uncertain, which reduced the cohesion of society. Durkheim gave example of

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