Ano Hang Sayo Essay

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In our country somebody quipped that if you are poor, you’re called “kuba”; but if you’re rich, you’re “scoliotic.” If you’re poor and dark, you’re “negrita”; if you’re rich, you’re “morena.” san luis, fr. belIf you’re a poor flirt, you’re “malandi,” but if you’re rich, you’re “liberated.” * * * In the gospel of this 26th Sunday (read Lk 16:19-31), Jesus talks about a rich man (Dives) and a poor man (Lazarus). They live in two different worlds. Both the rich man and Lazarus die. Their fortunes are completely reversed. Lazarus is now enjoying the higher position – he is in the “bosom of Abraham” – while the rich man is suffering in eternal torment in Hades (hell). * * * Note that the rich man was not punished because he was rich. He was condemned because of his callousness, his insensitivity to help the needy as symbolized by the beggar Lazarus. The danger with being rich–and this is what Christ warns against–is the excessive attachment and the selfishness that go with it. The sin of the rich was a sin of OMISSION. So wrapped up in his flamboyant, luxurious lifestyle, he omitted to offer even food scraps to a poor man. * * * A story is told about an elderly miser who had vast real estate holdings. Suddenly he became extremely ill. His temperature soared to over 40 Celsius. A doctor was called in but after examining the patient, he told the wife, “Madam, I must tell you that your husband is terminally ill. He cannot possibly survive. All I can suggest to you is prayer.” * * * Hearing this, the worried husband told his wife, “Go out and find some needy person and share our wealth. Then go to church and pray that God may spare my life.” The wife immediately went to the most depressed area of the town and gave a big amount of money to some poor families. Then she went to the nearest church and fervently prayed for her husband’s recovery. Whereupon, the

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