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Annual Report Project PepsiCo. Inc. Fiscal Year 2009 - 2011 Sheila Anderson Dr. Daniel Terfassa November 29, 2013 Identify and explain the main sections of the Annual Report. An annual report also referred to as a financial report consist of four major parts. The four parts of the financial report is to have the financial status of the business of earnings spending debt and also long term and short term assets. Assets are in a category near the beginning of the Annual Report. They show in both terms of short and long term assets to show how much the company owns. Long term assets are property and investments which show a charge over time for better or worse. The assets of monthly value should be broken down in terms so it can be easily identified and also show where the numbers come from in decrease or increase in value. Liabilities are presented after the assets. Liabilities should be in the same format as the assets. They also can be both long term and short term which include bank loans and overall debts of the company. It should be presented in graphs on a monthly basis. Monthly Expenses is a large section of the annual reports. It explains the company’s expenses and month over an annual period. Some expenses changes while some will stay the same each month. Expenses should be shown each month on graph so they can determine which expense to cut that is costly to the company to save money. Monthly Earnings can be calculated by using the income statements and sales statistics. This shows how much the company earns through sales of service and products. Each month in form of a graph that should show what company has sold as well as how much so it can determine the bestselling product. Discuss the key factors that influenced the company’s financial performance during the Year. The general key factors are reports that are generally

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