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There is one word that annoys me more than any that I know. A word that when I hear it, makes me sick to my stomach. That word is Godd***. This word drives me crazy because it is disrespectful to my beliefs and frankly, anyone who believes in a God. I was brought up in a Christian home, raised by Christian parents, and surrounded by Christian family. All I knew was people who shared the same beliefs that I did. But as I got older, I realized that not everyone believes what my family and I do, or even hold a respect for our beliefs and lifestyle. I first heard the word used, when I was in middle school, by a comedian that was on tv. Because he used it so casually, it didn’t really bother me but for some reason, the word lingered in my head. It stayed on my mind all week. The more I thought about it, the more I considered that it had an actual meaning. I realized that the man I saw on tv had degraded the one thing that I was taught to hold number one in my life. I felt disrespected by a person that I had never met and had no idea that I even existed. From that point on, I notice that I hear the word every time it is used and a very uneasy feeling comes over me. I realize that it may not be used to insult God or those who believe in Him but I still find it inconsiderate how people throw it around so lightly. There are certain times that the word bothers me more than others. When I hear it in movies or in a song is when it is least annoying because all I have to do to avoid hearing the word, is distance myself from these things that I know have this kind of vulgar content. I also realize that there are situations when people do not know my beliefs and are not aware of how offensive the word really is. To them, it may be just another derogatory word that is a part of their everyday vocabulary. It’s in these times that consider how I don’t know how they were

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