Annoying but Helpful Pop-Ups

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Annoying but Helpful Pop-ups For most people Internet Pop ups are an everyday occurrence. Whether you are a daily blogger or a stock market observer, pop ups are daily part of your internet life whether you notice it or not. Depending on the website you visit, the types of pop ups may vary from pop ups for protection, pop ups for dating, pop ups about weight loss, or even pop ups for online games. The main problem with pop up ads is that they tend to appear in bulk when you don’t want or need them. These examples are from my personal experience and from some of my friend’s personal experience with pop up advertisements. Though they may be annoying, sometimes they can be very helpful for finding new and interesting things and information. For singles who are trying to find a date, a pop up for E Harmony might be just what they were looking for, or could be helpful for them. Another example of a way that pop ups can be helpful is, I was bored and looking for a cool multi-player online game and I got a pop up for Dead frontier. I tried it and found out that I really liked Dead Frontier because it is a violent massive multi-player online zombie game that I could play with people all over the world. An example on how pop ups are annoying would be when you decide that you want to try and catch up on series so you go to YouTube to watch the series. You get about fifth teen minutes into your episode when an ad that is ten to fifth teen minutes long appears and this happens every ten to fifth teen minutes in your episode. That’s four ads every hour episode and you are spending as much time watching ads as you are watching your episode. Another example of how pop ups can be annoying, is when you get the pop ups that say you need to update your Adobe Flash, when you really don’t need to and it won’t let you close the pop up so you have to completely close out the internet

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